Correct FP Sample Ownership and Rights & Ask for Permission

The following is on Mac:

The FP installer puts a folder of sample images in my Home/Pictures/ folder. It does so a) without asking for permission and b) with user and group ownership way out of standards for the folder (system/staff/everyone) and the included files (user/wheel/everyone).

I therefore propose the following amendments

  • Installer asks whether samples should be installed or not
  • Installer sets ownership according to the user’s home folder

Why: Not everyone wants or needs sample files … and we don’t want to have to enter credentials to remove those items either!

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On Mac the samples are placed in your personal Picture file? On Windows they are placed properly in the Public file.

Yes, they are.

I totally agree.
And with the latest update, I’ve had to delete this folder again.

Btw, this is a request and I can’t vote for it !

That’s terrible!

Yes, voting seems to have been forgotten here…

There is no voting panel. Have they done away with voting?