Copy GPS data

HI I have GPS data enabled in my EM1 X so when I am in the wilds I can easily see where I took each shot.
Now in Lightroom I can easily mouse over the data in the exif file do a copy /paste then search and bingo up comes the location on Bing or Google maps.
However in Photolab 4 I can see the info when I mouse over the pin in the Metadata section but I can’t find a way to save this short of writing it down as the popup vanishes when I move the mouse, thus can’t copy/paste which is not handy as writing down 14 digits each time is a bit of a pain.
Hopefully I am missing something really obvious.
I am using Windows 10 if that has any relevance.

I would prefer to put it in one row, instead the two lines, so that you can copy both at once (like garmin or google maps).
Maybe in two lines, one in the degree-format, one in the decimal one.

I can’t seem to copy it at all. Either format would work for me I just want to be able to copy and paste.

Than we have to wait on an update.