Copy Crop pastes the crop as "Manual" rather than the source "Auto based on keystoning"

If I copy the Crop settings where the Correction is specified as “Auto based on keystoning” the result is a crop applied to the destination photo with Correction specified as “Manual”

Is this behaviour by design or a bug? I would expect the Paste operation to exactly copy all the settings and not change them because the result is now different to the source.

Good morning @KeithRJ ,

Could you please, double check or provide your steps as I don’t have such issue:


Thank you

Svetlana G.

BIG apologies for the confusion. This is NOT a problem.

This is what I did:

  1. Straighten Horizon - This sets a crop with Auto based on keystoning
  2. I did a Crop which changes the Crop to Manual but I erroneously expected it to stay as Auto…
  3. Copied and Pasted settings which correctly pasted Crop with Manual.

Once again, apologies.

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