Copy and paste correction settings

Why did you remove in version 3.x the much-needed ability to copy correction settings and then load it into the next photo? It was in 1.x and 2.x and disappeared in 3. I don’t understand how you can castrate a program with such useful capabilities. :frowning:

It’s true, the ability to copy / paste the settings no longer exists in version 3, while it was possible to do so in version 2.
But the truth is, I never realized that, because I hardly ever used this possibility. Indeed, except in the case of a series of identical photos, it seems to me that the settings must anyway be made for each image.

As I started with ViewPoint 3, I don’t know about the former behaviour.
– Should you use VP in conjunction with DxO’s PhotoLab, then it’s easy to transfer corrections with copy and (selected) paste.

This is labelled as a ViewPont matter but why not upgrade to Photolab 5. It has copy paste of correction settings.

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I don’t use PhotoLab. I use Capture One, which is lame when it comes to perspective correction. Nevertheless, everything else (comfort of work, speed, color decoding) is incomparably better than PhotoLab (I tested a few days ago). From DxO, I only value ViewPoint.

This is what it is about - the correction of the same shots needed, for example, for HDR. Of course, I could do the opposite, which is to create HDR first, process it, and finally do a geometry correction, but my workflow is different, and for good reason. I don’t remember exactly where it came from, but I don’t make decisions about how to work with the usual “because”, but after analyzing these two ways of working, “geometry correction first” and then HDR was kind of a better quality or less work.

Yes, I understand the interest in an HDR with merging of several identical images.
There is a workaround, but it only works with the values of the Up / Down, Left / Right, and H / V ratio sliders, as well as the Horizon slider. You can copy the numeric values one by one and paste them on the notepad (under Windows). Then then recover them and paste them again on the sliders of the next file.
A little complicated…
Afterwards, I don’t know how you work with C1, but if you start with raw files, it might be worth doing everything (including merging) in C1, then at the end of sending a tiff file to ViewPoint for make geometry corrections.