Copy and Apply does the reference image have to be a TIFF?

Copy and Apply is a new feature for me and so far I like it except for a couple of issues.

In my sports workflow I end up with (200-300) images in a LRC folder that I want to process the same in color EFx and sharpener.

If I process my first reference image with Nik and save it as the original JPG I can not select copy in the copy and apply dialogue. I can only do so if I create a copy TIFF image. Then I can use the copy and apply it to the other images.

Is this a limitation that it needs to be a copy TIFF or am I just missing something?

As it is I end up with all files processed plus the copy tiff file in the end.

If I can I just delete the tiff file but my reference image is usually somewhere in the middle of the stack and sometimes I forget and it ends up getting uploaded with the jpg’s to the client. No harm just feels a little unprofessional.

Any advice or Is there something I am missing?

In CEP (tho, perhaps not with Sharpener ?) you can save a “recipe” that can then be applied to a bunch of images - - and, if you hold down the Shift-key, CEP will save any Control-Point details to the recipe too.

See the Custom tab …


I’m still on LR 5.7 and Nik6 – so not exactly your “configuration”.

  • If I send a whole set of JPG files from LR to CEP, I can of course select something like “edit the original” in…

  • Then I set up the desired result in the Nik plugin and ( just like @John-M said ) save the recipe and apply it to the entire set. – I also tested this in CEP and OutputSharpener. *)

  • When finished, the plugin will close and the original files will appear in LR.

*) This procedure applies to the application of the CEP as the first step and as the second step for output sharpening. – But I don’t know if the new Nik7 offers some kind of batch processing.

Saving the file three times in *.jpg format may not be the ideal solution.

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After watching this video → Nik Collection 7 Review and Demo
I upgraded to Nik 7 and tried the same.

Applied CEP, but switched to OutputSharpener within the Nik tool.
If I noted it correctly, LR 5.7 updated the files in between, without changing their names.

Only when selecting Quick Export (for fallback)
Screen Shot 06-29-24 at 11.28 AM

you will receive an extra file to revert to the previous version
( like the “old” behavior when exporting from PL to Nik ).

But as mentioned, saving multiple times in *.jpg format may not be the ideal solution.