Convert 9/16 image to 4/5 without crop

Hello there,

I have Photolab 3.3 and I need to convert the aspect ratio of an image. I need convert from 9/16 to 4/5 without cropping, for publish in Instagram. Is it possible?


It won’t be possible to do so without cropping the 16/9 aspect-ratio image … tho, that’s not a PL issue; it’s mathematics. You can retain the full height of the image, but you will need to crop something off one or both sides to achieve the target aspect-ratio … To do so; select the Crop tool with Aspect ratio 5/4 (not 4/5)

John M

You want to change an aspect ratio without cropping?

Easy: Use the Perspective tool’s X/Y slider and stretch to your discretion.
You cannot enter a ratio though.

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