Conversion of Lightroom presets to DxO

Lightroom offers a ton of (free) presets. It would be great if there was a conversion tool, so we could convert them to and use them in DxO.

Hello @Hugo,

Thank you for the suggestion. Please, do not forget to vote it by yourself as well :point_up_2: (top left corner).

Svetlana G.

Even though I agree this would be nice I wonder how this can be possible. LR and PL use completely different algorithms and I don’t think it is possible to translate them. If, say, for example “Dehaze” in LR is set to 25, what should it be translated to? A “ClearView Plus” setting with a value of 25? It won’t look the same. 30? 20? It won’t look the same either. There will never be an exact match. In combination with many other settings that can be translated but won’t look the same the overall results will probably quite off. In case the DxO developers prove me wrong - even better…


I don’t think it is easy. but it would be an awesome asset for Photolab.

It doesn´t work. I tried to apply settings from a Lightroom preset to DxO and it doesn´t match at all. It seems that DxO reads the RAW color profiles (in my case Panasonic) differently than Lightroom.

I love the idea but can´t see a way to implement it.

I guess that’s the beauty of PL - it does not work in exactly the same way as LR. If it would, there would be no need for PL. But PL is different, it does certain things better, and others maybe worse but we like it the way it is. Otherwise we would not use it…


Please don’t change PL into LR. IMO PL as is is far superior to LR.


Agreed. The suggestion won’t work anyway imo. A raw editor is basically unique and it is not possible to take an edited raw file from, say, C1 and view it in Lr with those edits still in place. Equally you cannot take an edited raw file from Lr and view it in PL. Building some sort of conversion software might be possible but the results will not be a 100% faithful copy. At the end of the day a preset is just a saved collection of edits.