Controlling the "Source Browser" on a Mac


Is it possible to control how many folders are displayed in the source browser?

At the moment whenever I open Photolab it displays the sections fully expanded with folders shown two or three layers deep which is a mess and very unhelpful. I would prefer to have Photolab remember the state when it was last shut down or at least open with all the disclosure icons in their closed position.Is this possible?

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Possibilities are limited.

DPL will always open the top level items in the source browser, which also shows the items we put into the Finder sidebar.

To quickly eliminate seeing items below the top level, option-click on the top level item (e.g. Favourites) which will collapse all items within (standard Finder behaviour). If DPL is restarted, it will display all items in Favourites, but only one level deep.

You could create a feature request…here.

Thanks. Unfortunately my version keeps opening folders that are more than one level deep following a restart. I have tried the Alt clicking to close the disclosure icons and all sub folders are closed but this view is lost once the application is quit and restarted. For example Devices shows a folder structure that shows files on the desktop which is at the 4th level and inside my user account folder. However, the desktop folder remains closed when inside the Favorites section but the contents of the pictures folder is shown where as it is not under the Devices section. I think I will ask support as it seems my machine is not working in the same way yours is.

Am I correct in thinking that this is how you expect the Source Browser to look following a restart?

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However, it does work as you explain in the demo of PL5 I have just tried. So I guess I have a solution.


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Better still version 5 remembers which sub folders were open when it was last shut down.


I’ve mostly given up on using that sidebar navigation and drop folders on PhotoLab 4. Or alternatively I open the image directly from FastRawViewer (command-R) or PhotoMechanic (command-E) which also opens up the folder in PhotoLab’s Library. Once I have the folder open in Photolab sometimes I go back to FastRawViewer, sometimes I just navigate among images in PhotoLab (filtering for 4 star and 5 star only, never rate in PhotoLab as it’s too slow to switch images to rate a large set).

Assuming the DxO people read every thread… this is one of those niggles that could be (relatively) easily cleaned up in 5.x point releases that would make a lot of people happy. There are many such threads in the wake of PL5’s launch.


I have just started using the demo of version 5 and DxO have made changes in this area. On re-start the folders are opened to the first level as described above and then opened to display the state they were in when the app was last quit. This is a great improvement and makes the source browser much more useful to me.

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