Control points: select, unselect, copy and paste

Hi users and DXO team,

 Coming from Nikon Capture NX2, I´ve finally bought DXO PL thinking its local adjustments features would be more sophisticated than NX2. To my surprise I have had to return to NX2 where control points are far more intuitive an usable than those in PL.
  I´d like being possible to select several control points or even some masks in order to activate or deactivate them and being able then to see the result of the changes without losing the adjustments made, provided I´am satisfied with them.
  It would also be very useful to have the possibility of copy and paste control points to different parts of the image.
  And finally I can´t deactivate (M key) the mask of the automask while I´m painting over the image so I can´t see the result of my adjustments in real time.

Thank you for your attention

I also come from Nikon Capture NX2 and I absolutely agree with what wrote before. I currently export the files in TIF format and continue processing in Capture NX2. U-Point realization in PhotoLab needs a major change. My hot requests are:

  1. Remove the circle to select a local adjustment. It’s awkward and slow. Each local fix can have a separate button in the top bar (similar to ViewPoint 3 tools).
  2. Duplicate selected point and set different adjustments for it. Generally speaking, any number of control points with different adjustments in the same step.
  3. Hide the control point action area when this area is not set. It is now becoming a ball of dashed lines if more control points are used. Here’s a real comparison: first PhotoLab photography:

    …and the same picture in Capture NX2:
  4. Improved U-point selection: Currently, the Capture NX2 selection is less noticeable with fewer artifacts.
  5. Replace the parameters that are characteristic of interpreting a RAW file with the parameters that are characteristic of the creative processing of photography. The histogram is a basic photographic tool, and it’s more logical to manipulate the main color channels (R, G, B) instead of getting the settings (color temperature, Tint, Hue). The same applies to exposure. At the moment of creative editing, I think about the brightness of an area, not about exposition.

To conclude, I can strongly recommend developers get acquainted with the implementation of U-point technology in Capture NX-2. This is software created by Nik Software specifically for Nikon and is the best reference what this technology can provide.

With best wishes:


Hi Koko,

I fully agree with your ideas and your your detailed explanation. DXO developers necessarily have to improve the implementation of the local adjustments in their software, Its a pity that an older 12-year program is more handle, usable and precise than an actual one. They may be waiting for including the Nik Collection in DXO PL:pray: