Control points not operating

DXO Collection 4. I used CONTROL POINTS successfully in various plug-ins, and then SUDDENLY I could not open a control point. I tried restarting computer. That did not work. I sent a ticket to technical support.

Yesterday, I decided to upgrade to DXO Collection 5, thinking perhaps that might fix the problem. Nope. I cannot open a control point.

Any suggestions while I wait for DXO technical support?

Thank you

A little more info might help. What program are you using to launch NIK and specifically which NIK app(s) are you using? Also are you editing a TIFF or JPEG?

I use Viveza and Color Efex. Editing in JPEG. Adobe Photoshop Elements, current version. Accessing the control points did work for a time.

I decided to try Viveza as a standalone this morning, and I was able to drag the control points to the image. But not via PSE.