Control Points - Change the shape of the circle as well as the size

would you like to try the “eyeball”, white circle, to expand out the hole picture?
just pull the circle to a corner.
Then zoom in on the pupil (the pin) and place the pupil on the location you find as best.
the iris is picking nearby colors so if you don’t want the shadow bits to be effected keep it off that part. you can zoom in at pixel level and pick 4! pixels
if you can’t, make a new one, zoom in some more until you can place the iris in one color , zoom out stretch the circle and use local window to hide see the mask.

see this video what i mean.

hope this helps to get less frustrated in using pl’s controlpoint.

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Good morning and my best wishes a lot of health, happiness and optimism for you, your families and friends.

There are a lot of threads, feature request and so on about control points, U-points, local adjustments all meaning the same technology
Missing Controls for Local Adjustments - DxO PhotoLab - DxO Forums
Local adjustments settings moveable - DxO PhotoLab / Which feature do you need? - DxO Forums are only two of them.
I have no idea how to merge all the ideas and requests, so that all knows whats’s going on.
Sometimes I think a lot of ideas I have read in threads month or years ago.
Maybe one of the DXO staff has an idea?

Enjoy your day

P.S. here is the next Add magic tools selection for local adjustments/settings - DxO PhotoLab / Which feature do you need? - DxO Forums

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Peter, sorry I never replied to you at the time. My initial reaction was to think what’s the point of a control point if it’s not a point but a general selection of some sort? I thought I’d give it some thought and testing and I have to say I am left with the same objection. Your suggestion does work under certain, limited conditions but even then, under those same conditions, Capture NX2’s implementation is better. In my case, with most of my images, your suggestion ends up having adverse effects on some other parts of the image, so I simply can’t use them that big. The bottom line, as you can see from my screenshots, is that PhotoLab’s control points do not make a well-defined enough selection. They took what Capture NX2 had working really well and … well, they made it work less well.

No problem, better a late but wel documented reply then just a reply.
I agree it’s a workaround not a solution.
I learned to meander in my images when using controlpoints around my problems.
Because i am not familiar with other applications i am not aware of better way’s to do the same.
Only thing i do is when i stumble on a problem in editing is searching for a workaround or solution. Then post here a feature request or a question. Sometimes DxO staff is picking up this request and reward me/us with a solution.
So one thing i can say to you the better you “explain your pain” the more change you have it will be heard and acknowledged. And if you lucky solved in the future. :grin:

As i earlier posted, DxO controls and local adjustments are very wel in “bricklayed” editing as in building with small bricks a wal.
Fast big steps not so wel. So big number editing which benefit from few big step editing needs self made presets to oneclick add a sequense of settings
(the main things go very well but sometimes i struggle to get rid of colorcasting or WB mismatching when i use the selective toning sliders and other luminance based tools.) Stil i like it very much because of the deepprime and optical module which enhance my m43 image instantly.

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“explain your pain” ! :sweat_smile: