Control Points - Change the shape of the circle as well as the size

A nice feature for a future update in Nik Collection and PhotoLab would be to change the shape of the circle of a control point as well as the size to fit the subject you are masking. Other software products are now doing this.

Dennis Richards

Hi Dennis;

The size of a Control Point circle can be changed already; simply move your mouse cursor over the circle and “grab” it to increase/decrease the size.

It’s not necessary to “change the shape” of the circle, because a control-point (CP) operates on attributes beneath the point of the image at which the CP is placed - and is NOT (necessarily) constrained by its shape. You can see this by placing a CP and then pressing the “M” key to display a mask that reveals those parts of the underlying image that will be impacted by the CP … dark areas will be less impacted.

Regards, John M

PS. There’s an excellent example of this feature posted here, by @IanS

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