Control points activation/deactivation

in the original Viveza app it was possible to check/uncheck individual control points to see the effect. This is a very useful option to have. Would be nice if it could be implemented.



YES ! The same ability is provided for Color Efex Pro … and it’s a very useful way to check the effectiveness of a particular adjustment.

We definitely need this in any integration of Nik Collection tools into PhotoLab.

@Sigi, I’m not having any problem showing/hiding individual control points per functionality of the original Viveza plug-in. Also, showing/hiding the selection mask is working, as expected, too. So far, the DxO Viveza plug-in is working exactly like the old one, for me, in PS CS6 under Windows 10.

Hi Alan,

This post relates to implementation of U-Point technology within PhotoLab … not to any of the individual Nik tools.


Hi John,

Sorry, since we’re in the Nik Collection by DxO>Viveza sub-forum I assumed it was something to do with the plug-in. I agree that it would be extremely useful if this functionality was also in PL; including the ability to display the masked area(s).

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