Control point tools do not work in Windows 10

I used the NIK collection for several years. Just updated in the past couple of months to the newest versions. The macro tools appear to work but the control points for selective editing do not work – I can place a point on the photograph and adjust the size of the area to be adjusted but there are no options provided in a dropdown below the point.

Maybe you like it, maybe not – in SilverEfex3 and Viveza3 (from Nik4 collection) the controlpoints are moved to the right hand side menu, which seams to be the blueprint for further ‘redesigns’.

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That was my surprise too. I find the lack of a drop down menu under a control point to be very counterproductive to my work and creative post processing flow. While other programs use side panels for adjustments, Nik’s use of control points is unique. On a large monitor (27 iMac) going back and forth across the monitor to get to the adjustment sliders is a waste of time. Why in the world would anyone think that removing a very functional part of the app to be a good thing! Also, the type size on the right panel is way too small for a large monitor.

First – I believe I may owe Wolfgang a much delayed “thank you” for his comment last month --it helped me sort out why I couldn’t find the tools and resolved my confusion. To the specific point: I have mixed feelings with the placement of the sliders, etc. I expect that I’ll get used to it, but that choice seems a little clumsy and counter productive to my workflow. I really like the various NIK editing packages – I just can’t see why the placement of the individual sliders improves editing performance.