Control Point selector for the local adjustments is grayed out

Hi I know it’s probably a simple fix but if anyone reads this it seems that in local adjustments my ability to select the control point that selector is greyed out. I’ve had this problem in the past and I forgot the remedy and.

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can’t say why you have a greyed out controlpoint.
which dxopl version are you running and which operating system?

I am not aware of anyone having a similar problem. As Peter suggested you need to be more specific regarding the operating system and the version of PhotoLab you are using. Did you exit and restart PhotoLab and/or reboot your computer?


I have the same issue right now. I was using Control Point earlier. I switched to Auto mask for a while and when I wanted to go back to Control Point it was greyed out. When I shut DxO down and restart it the Control Point is available again. It’s annoying but not a show stopper.
I’m running DxO Photolab 4.2.0 build 51 Elite on a MacBook Pro with MacOS Catalina version10.15.7

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Thanks so much

4.3.1 build 60 has the same problem.

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Thank you for your reply !🪳

Is that the new one?

I am now running 4.3.2 build 61 and I cannot duplicate the problem. So, possibly, it’s been fixed.