Control point selectivity/gamut adjustment and falloff

In a control point it would be useful to have the ability to vary the selectivity or bandwith of the colour selection slightly. This would assist in situations where say a coloured panel was curved and varied in tone slightly as it went into shadow, or where a surface showed signs of wear or aging, or indeed slight tonal differences in fabrics that ‘gathered’
I’m sure there also reasons users may want to tighten the bandwidth down as well.
It would also be useful to control the rate of falloff outside the circle so undo points didn’t need to be created.

Collecting more or less colorgroups can be done by zooming in and place the “pupil” more exact on the desired color or place second on the other color and zoom out again.
The feathering or fallout is an other problem. I use the outer circle to be small and place more of the same group. And use the opacity slider in LA- list to soften the effect.

But yes your opinion is shared and asked for before. No harm to bring it up again.:slightly_smiling_face: