Control Photo Lab 6 with midi controllers

Hi all,

after recently switching to PL6 i’m missing some features that could really ease up my workflow.
I have a variety of midi controllers and i want to map different features to buttons/knobs. So for example one knob for exposure and button and fader for tone toggle and intensity. Maybe a toggle button for Lens compensation… you get the idea. Is this already a thing?

Also how can i remap the keyboard shortcuts? Some of them are very unnatural and feel weird. Like 7&8 for Green/Red Tag? Super weird, why would it not be something like A&D so you can click forwards/backwards with the arrows and rest your left hand on the desk and easily press Red/Green.

I’m not sure lot of people would need to control Dxo with midi devices.

This feature already have a request. You should vote for it :

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One of the drawbacks of DXO Photolab is that it doesn’t really cater for key stroke / dial control of sliders. There are shortcuts for certain functions but they are not user assignable as with something like C1 and no API like Lightroom.

It is not only Midi controllers and devices like the Stream Deck that would benefit from key stroke/dial control but it would only be a short step from there to emulate the Speed Edits in C1 which are a real benefit. Simply hold a key and move the mouse scroll wheel/pen to adjust the exposure slider etc. A really simple and effective UI.

As JoPoV suggested it might help to vote for the feature…However, realistically I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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With no support for such devices, DxO is never going to attract users who do use midi controllers.
DxO currently has no customers who need to control the app with midi controllers because it isn’t possible to use the app with them (so these people use a competitor app instead).

Just saying that current users have no need for support for midi controllers is missing the point here I believe.

But I agree with @IanS , the chance of DxO implementing such a feature within any imaginable timeframe is likely very close to zero.


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