Control Lines tutorial?

I have been trying out PL5 and the only new feature that seems to be useful to me is the Control Lines mask in Local Adjustments. Everything else seems similar to what I current have in PL4.

However I am having some difficulty in figuring out exactly how to use Control Lines as they do not do what I expect them to do. That means that I have a basic misunderstanding of how to use them and reading the manual has not helped.

I initially thought that Control Lines would function similar to a gradient filter except that it would apply a change to the entire area, but that is not correct. Reading the manual made it clear that applying a Control Line to an image will still change the entire image, but when I move the eye dropper control, assuming it will select the color I want adjusted, it still does not do what I want.

Lastly, when I add a ‘-’ Control Line to protect an area that area does not get protected as I expected, so clearly I am completely at odds in my thinking and I believe that I need some kind of tutorial to understand what to do and what to not do if I want to use Control Lines.

Can anyone point me to one of those? I did not see them on the Dxo website.

Here is one.

Thank you. It did clarify one important thing for me. When I created the Control Lines I expected everything I needed to be visible on the Local Adjustments screen and since the description at the link referenced Chroma and Luminance adjustments and since I did not see them anywhere on the Local Adjustments screen I ended up looking for the Local Adjustments panel and there it was.

Using those adjustments I was better able to see how this could be useful, but I need to figure out how to adjust what I want and not what I don’t want. I used this on a photo I took at the beach and tried to adjust only the sky. But if I dropped the Chroma and Luminance enough to affect the entire sky it also affected the land portion of the photo. Clearly I need to work at this some more.

Thank you for the link. If there are any others that might contain more detail I would appreciate seeing those as well.

You can have a look at this interesting post

And here.

Yes. This showed me what I was doing wrong.

Thank you very much. I can see now how this might be very helpful for some photos.