Control Line selectivity not applied to secondary lines

I have found that, after applying a control line and setting its selectivity, if I then try to add a secondary control line, the image being edited doesn’t update to reflect the selectivity, until I move and replace one of the selectivity sliders.

Here is the mask after applying the primary control line, placing the pipette on the sky…

… and setting the selectivity thus…

Capture d’écran 2022-01-15 à 11.03.49

Now I add a secondary control line and place the pipette to mask the water on the left…

This doesn’t appear to select only the water, which is of similar tone to the sky. But if I move the selectivity slider to a different value and then replace it at the original value…

… now the mask is updated correctly.

Can anyone else replicate this and would @sgospodarenko like to flag this?

How do you ad that control line?

By simply dragging the tool in another place to the first, but without clicking New Mask.

Okay… I get the same effect. In my test image, I see the following

  • two lines in the preview area and only one entry in the LA tool (expected)
  • the new control line is drawn, but selectivity settings are not applied (as noted by Joanna)
    a) changing Luma does not adjust the mask
    b) changing Chroma does adjust the mask
  • once I’ve touched the Chroma slider, both masks react on Chroma and Luma changes (expected)

Thank you for your confirmation.

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Tried with different pics – not this masking problem here.

→ just an idea:
Does this masking problem happen in the masking mode only (1.mask active / visible) while adding the 2. control line OR is it the same when you add the 2.control line on the visible pic to properly set the picker?

[ I noticed something else. – When applying one of the new Nik filters in the ‘double layer mode’, PL5 was not updating (refreshing) the thumbnail (in library as well in customize mode) automatically, so I had to trigger the refresh manually by either clicking on the thumbnail or temporarily changing the folder – not so with Nik 3.3 filters, where PL5 behaved normal. ]

Good morning!

To the attention of @SebinParis or @kettch .

Svetlana G.