Control line problem Win 10

I thought I had seen a topic about this before but I just can’t find it. Here is my problem. How do I prevent a second control line from influencing a previous control line? Say for instance I set a control line to change the sky exposure, make the adjustment then click on Local Adjustments to show the adjustment. Next I want to adjust another area of the image with a separate control line, I click on Local Adjustments box and go to another area of the image and set a separate control line and drag the line to where I want it but when I make adjustments to the second control line via the equalizer bar the adjustment also influences the first control line area. What am I missing?? I don’t have this problem with control points just control lines

I don’t see problems like this with the Mac examples members have been posting in some of the discussions I have been following.


You need to apply negative control lines pointing to the area like the sky, that you don’t want affected. However, if your second control line was pointing at a completely different color it probably should not have affected your sky.


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Hi Mark,
Thanks for the reply. I think I have it figured out now!