Control line: "internal error"


when I tried to apply a control line to an image, an error message was shortly displayed at the upper screen edge - too short to read it completely, but it started with “Internal error - correction field …”. After a very short time, the error message vanished again. No control line was added to the local adjustments.

After a few tries, it was finally possible to add the control line.

Regardless what the cause was, any error message should at least be shown long enough to be read.

(PL 5.0.2-4676)

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Just got the same after applying the latest update. PL 5.0.2-4676, except in my case, even repeated attempts, it will not work

Perfectly fine before that

You (and DxO technical support) can probably find more details about the problem in the log files. On Windows, these are in the user’s Documents folder in an appropriately named sub-folder.

Hello guys,

This is a known issue which is actual for PL5.0 as well. To avoid it you should switch off the mask display as a workaround while we are working on the fix.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Thank you, Svetlana.

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The logs contains very very very many error messages, but none of them seems to match the error message that shortly pops up at the screen… :thinking: