Control Line Eyedropper Size

Running up-to-date Photolab 7 on a Mac (MacOS Sonoma).

The eyedropper attached to the control line local adjustment on my installation is tiny - much smaller than the online manual suggests it should be. Is there any way of making it larger?

I’m not referring to the area selected by the eyedropper, but to the eyedropper icon itself.

Are you proposing that the eyedropper should be made more visible? If yes, you could move your post to the feature request section and implicitly state what you propose.

PhotoLab feature requests are quite handy, they allow others to add their vote easily. Lots of votes does not necessarily mean that the feature will be available tomorrow though.

I’m not sure if this is a feature request or a bug report! The eyedropper in my installation seems much smaller than is implied by the online documentation (i.e. the diagrams showing how to use it) and also smaller than appears on YouTube videos.

So, have I missed an (apparently undocumented) setting that adjusts the size of this tool, or is there a bug?

this is how it looks in the Windows version
Screen Shot 01-23-24 at 08.48 PM

Isn’t that the white balance picker rather than the control line picker? Whichever, my control line picker is much smaller than that.

and here the white balance picker
with radius set to 10 px

This is how it looks with different screen resolutions

5K iMac native

5K iMac standard (half native)

5K iMac at half standard (quarter native)

(note how the default pickup position is swallowed by the line handle)

@StevenL : couple item to the mouse pointer size setting?

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Ah @platypus, thank-you. I’m running at 5K half native (your middle picture) and that’s how it looks on my screen. So my installation isn’t faulty, it is meant to be that small!

I suppose so…and it would be awfully nice if DxO could do something for better visibility of DPL’s UI, which is the worst of all the apps I’ve installed or used so far.

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