Contextual workspaces


It would be nice to be able to define 2 different workspaces : one for the Organize mode and one for the Customize mode, especially when using a dual monitor configuration. In each of these modes, the needs are different. In Organize mode, I need to have as much space as possible given to the browser. In Customize mode, the browser can be limited but I’d like to have as much tools as possible quickly available.

So, automatically switching from one workspace to the other depending on the active mode would make the DPL UI very comfortable. Shouldn’t be a big coding effort. Actually, DPL is already doing something to the workspace when switching from one mode to the other. It’s just a matter of loading the relevant workspace instead of merely displaying or hiding the tool palettes.

Hi Patrick

I use two screens and sometime enlarge the browser (on second screen) in the Organize tab.
But if this should not be a big coding effort … +1


No :

  1. The routine loading a given workspace already exists.
  2. The “hook” allowing to call that loading routine already exists (it is triggered when one switches from Customize to Organize or reversely).
  3. The code and the UI allowing to create a workspace are already there.

The only piece of code that is missing is a preference allowing to specify which workspace should be used for which mode. One or two hours of coding, test included :sunglasses: .In order to provide compatibility with existing configurations, the workspace used by both modes should be the same by default.

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