Content-Aware Remove tool in Lightroom - unexpected results appear after processing in DPR2

TLDR: If you edit a RAW file in Lightroom, use the new Content-Aware Remove tool, and then process that RAW file using DPR2, you will get unexpected results on the DNG.


  1. edit photo in Lightroom (curves, color grading, masks, etc). Remove unwanted elements using Lightroom’s new Content-Aware Remove tool.
  2. File > Plugin extras > Process with PureRAW 2
  3. DeepPRIME, optical corrections on, DNG.

The DNG is added to my Lightroom catalog, complete with all Lightroom edits. However, the areas of the image reproduced by the Content-Aware Remove tool are heavy with artifacts, or leaves an opaque mask. (If I make new changes to the DNG using the Content-Aware Remove tool, it works as normal.)

Obviously the workaround is for the user to perform Content-Aware cloning after processing in DPR2 but wanted to make sure you guys were aware that Lightroom’s new tool has introduced a potential glitch.

Welcome to the forum @AndyDay

When an image is sent from Lr to DPL with the plugin, the original, unaltered image is sent to DPL. When the processed DNG returns, Lr applies the edits done previously in Lr to that new image. As the new image is different from the original image, those edits don’t match any more and can therefore produce unexpected results.

Best practice is to treat the original image in DPL first, before applying any edits in Lightroom.