Content Authenticity Initiative

Perhaps the open source project joined by many camera manufacturers, creative tool corporations and media outlets might be something to DxO to join and support as well.

Could you elaborate a little on the reason why you suggest it would be good for DxO to be a member of this consortium … It’s not immediately clear to me.


It does not add anything to the creative process or quality of such.
But it might give the option to add history and provenance to the creative story the users of PL further down the road.

Just a wishful tip I thought I’ll give. :slight_smile:


It is not unlikely digital content provenance might become a mandatory requirement in a few years time. This could mean that if you intend to deliver fresh documentary content to news outlets or whatever you must use an application that complies with the requirements and tools put forth by the Content Authenticity Initiative. The current version of DXO Photolab is brilliant for documentary work. It makes little sense to not plan for inclusion of digital content provenance tools.

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Ahh - I get it now !




Honestly, in the beginning of DNG, that was supposed to be a major component. Adobe never fully implemented it and no one signed up for it.