Confusing DXO Web navigation and unhappy with Customer Service responses

Offering Nik Collection 2.5, but trial download is Nik Collection 2. Answer from “Level 2” is:
" “We only use the version number for the collection, not the build” means that when you see Nik Collection 2 as the trial, you get the latest build, which is Nik Collection 2.5.” I really don’t understand what he’s saying to me. Collection number? Build number?
After several email exchanges, I do find out that you do get Dfine, Viveza etc, This is not at all clear on your website. (These other plugins are listed under “products” and have a trial download and buy options).
Also, downloaded trial version of Viewpoint, but there was no trial option in download.
In these difficult times and before I spend USD$150 on a plugin, I really need to know if what I’m getting works within my workflow.
I think this is a fair request.
I’m a member since 2012.

Hi Chris
I am not sure where the confusion is? Using the main version number is industry standard which may be why support answered as they did. For example Capture One is at version 20 but the latest version is 20.04 as it gets updated. If you are not aware of industry standards then obviously it may confuse.

As regards trials, downloads etc are you sure you are st the right web sites?

Below are some screen shots which look self explanatory, if you were on the correct web site: