Confused with the supported-cameras webpage

I’m looking on Appareils supportés - DxO today for supported lenses for my D500. Previously I could see many more lenses with a profile available but today several are missing, example AF-P 10-20.
Also some that I already downloaded and successfully used the DXO profile, for example Sigma 500mm f4, show as not supported.
I have tried viewing the page on IOS Safari, and PC, Firefox browsers all show same issue.

Hi and welcome to the USER forum,

just checked from PL6 (+ 7) and also the following modules are available

( installed the one for AF-P DX Nikkor 10-20mm … in PL 6, but don’t have a pic to test it )

Thank you Wolfgang
Why does the page Appareils supportés - DxO not display this information?
I am trying to decide which lenses to add to my collection, and dont want to buy anything that is not compatable with PureRaw.
As above, the lenses I own, and already have downloaded PureRaw profiles for, (Sigma 500mm f4, AF-S 24-120 f4, Sigma 100-400 etc) are currently shown as unsupported so something has gone wrong with the webpage, can this be fixed please. Thank you.

Hi Guys ,
I’m interested in buying Photolab 7 but I’m a bit confused as to whether my Nikon D7200 is supported - when I inserted my make and model it stated that it’s supported by Photolab 1 with no mention of PL7 .
Could someone clear this up before I make the purchase , thanks .

The version indicated is the minimum version from which the camera is supported.

Aah , I see , so my D7200 will work with PL7 ?
Thanks for such a prompt reply .

I’ll say yes but to be sure you can test PL for 30 days before buying

I guess that would make more sense - thank you very much for being so helpful .

for Sigma


and of course the Nikkor AF-S 24-120 F4

all shown from PL6 (don’t have PR)

That’s great but still no explanation why these camera and lens combinations do not appear on the dxo supported camera checker webpage anymore. Anybody from DXO aware of this ?

@DxO_Support-Team … – please have a look on this

Yes, DxO are aware of it, because I reported it in early June.

I was originally directed to the fact that the drop down menu for the lenses does list all of the lenses. However, I pointed out that it’s rather pointless then to have the entire section below.

As of 11 June, it has been passed along as my “suggestion/feedback” to “the appropriate team”. I have heard nothing since.

But, as you all have noted… it is broken. It used to be perfectly intuitive.

The best way to figure out if a module is available is in PhotoLab or PureRAW. The Module management window lists everything available.

I’ve been happily using PL with a Nikon D7200 for the past six years, through several iterations of PL - currently using the latest update of PL7.

Thanks Paul - that’s very reassuring and thank you for getting in touch .
Started off with a D7000 but I’ve taken 130k shots with it so was considering anything that was compatible with LR6 - looked at D750 , D800etc , D4s but eventually a D7200 with 1k s/c came up for £400 and I couldn’t resist . Thing is I still long for a full frame and not wanting to go subscription mode I’m currently looking at PS alternatives and PL7 looks very attractive .
I could never get on with PSE [ I have 10 and 11 ] and Affinity looks complicated for my needs despite the price - so looking at future proofing in case I go mirrorless .
Would you say that PL7 is fairly intuitive ?
Is it mostly sliders or layers ?
Thanks again ,
Peter .