Confused about PhotoLab vs PureRAW

Hello, I skipped PhotoLab 7 because there’s not much to upgrade to for me personally. I now understand that PureRAW has the better (?) DeepPRIME XD2 option. Why is that not upgraded too in DxO PhotoLab 7? I usually do a quick RAW conversion to TIFF and use PS, Luminar Neo and various plug-ins to get the most out of it. So maybe I’m better of using PureRAW? Can I use DxO ViewPoint 4 in PureRAW too? I’m too busy at the moment to give it a try, but maybe I get some opinions first to make a decision.

PureRAW applies optical corrections, reduces noise and does lens softness correction - and the options you have to tune are limited.


  • Process RAW file in PureRAW
  • Do everything else in whatever app you have/like/use

Whether XD2 will be added to PhotoLab 7 or 8 or not at all … is DxO’s decision.
Whether XD2 is a golden bullet in your work? You’ll have to test that yourself.

I recommend you test PureRAW once you have some spare time. Just be aware that, if you buy PureRAW because it is less costly, you might end up having to buy PhotoLab anyways, e.g. if you need tools with better tuning possibilities. If you can’t afford the price difference, better stick with what you have and know.


Adding to Mr. P’s sound advice …

No, you cannot - If you’re using PureRAW you would need to purchase ViewPoint separately, and use it in its standalone mode - or as a plug-in with whatever image-processing software you’re using.

Alternatively, if you were to purchase PhotoLab then; i) you wouldn’t need to buy PureRAW, and; ii) PL now includes basic geometry correction tools - so, you wouldn’t necessarily need to buy ViewPoint either.

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Thanks for your reply. I already got ViewPoint 4 and PL 6.

Updating PL6 to PL7 is cheaper than getting a new license for PureRAW.
You could also wait for PL8 with the upgrade, after that you’d have to pay full price - unless DxO changes conditions. Current policy is that one can get upgrade prices for the 2 previous versions, e.g.

  • Upgrade to PL7 from PL6 and PL5: discounted upgrade price
  • Upgrade to PL7 from PL4 and earlier: full price “upgrade”,
    → better get a new license instead!

Because by holding it, i.e. DeepPRIME XD2, back until PL8 DxO will make more money.


That’s what I’m afraid of too. But I won’t use both. I have a PS/LR subscription too and so far don’t use LR. I was very positive about DxO PL and advertised it, but certain things don’t get upgraded. It’s weird I can’t use PL on a ultra wide screen properly like other software. It’s not handy I have to switch to explorer first to edit in another folder instead of doing that in the same section. (I do a lot of stacks and stitches) All and all, I’m get less positive unfortunately.