Complete computer crash when using DXO PL6

When using PL6 my computer crashes. No BSOD, but automatically reboot. No Win dump files is written.

This happens randomly by completely different actions in PL. It never happened when using other programs – only when using PL.

Before I used PL3 for years without any issues so I’m pretty sure that DXO PL6 caused (or initiated) the totally crashes.

No temperature issues with CPU or GPU.

I run FurMark, memTest and prime95 – no problems or crashes.

My system:

  • DXO PL 6.2.0 Build 103
  • Win10 pro 22H2
  • Intel(R) Core™ i7-12700F
  • RAM 32 GB
  • MSI PRO Z690-A
  • GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
  • 750W power supply

Does anybody has an idea how to solve this very perturbing problem?

I could add the DXO.Photlab.txt file If I would know how to do it … (upload is forbidden for new user)

Hi and welcome,

Have you tried PL 6.3.1? If not, give it a try and see if the problem persists. One thing that you could check for is problems with virtual memory paging and swap. It should be set to auto. If this doesn’t help then open a support ticket at

I had the same problem with an older version of PhotoLab and an earlier version of Windows. In my case DXO support was useless.
After a few months of struggle I was able to solve the problem. Since I made several adjustments at the same time, I can’t say exactly which one was the most useful.
In my case, I’m pretty sure it was power protection triggering (if you have a good power supply, that’s probably what it’s about. By good power supply, I mean one developed by SuperFlawor or SEASONIC, regardless of how it’s branded).
If this is your case and you may have overclocked your CPU, check the following:

  1. There is a power management setting in BIOS that allows the motherboard to turn off some of the CPU phases when it is not under load. I don’t know what it’s called at MSI. Turn it off.
  2. Check for BIOS update.
  3. Check the power management drivers (if you have them installed).

Good luck and I hope my experience is useful to you!

I agree it’s almost certainly a power supply problem. A 750W supply in this computer with this video card is barely enough and needs to be a good one. :slight_smile: Otherwise you get exactly the behavior you’re seeing - a sudden shutdown or reboot.

Pagefile and swap is on auto (system managed).

Power supply is a EVGA 750W 85+ and I think it is enough because even under heavy system load I never had any problem.

The BIOS settings I have to check if there is anything like kokofresha mentioned.

Not necessarily a power limit problem: I run an RTX 3070m which is hungrier than the 3060, and the overall power consumption with an i7 is well below the 750W limit (around 400). But… it still could be a power supply problem from the THERMAL point of view: I have had similar behaviour under load because of power supply heating protection when its air intake mesh grid was clogged with dust bunnies.

I know there has been (or is) a problem with Avast anti-virus and PL…

OK, I understand the power discussion, but again: I never had this crashes during strong loads like gaming or video rendering or anything else – just by using DXO (and by simple operation like changing exposure or contrast in DXO).
Temperatures (CPU, GPU and SSD) were below 40°C when the last crash happened.
The root cause must something specially related to DXO itself or the usage of system resources by DXO … in my opinion.

This is how these settings look at ASUS on a X299 motherboard. Check the highlighted setting and the one above it.
The problem is not in the maximum power consumed, but in the rate of its increase. This is the criterion by which the power supply “predicts” a short circuit moments before the large currents kill the computer.

These BIOS settings I could not found. What I have changed is MSI “CPU cooler tuning” down to PL1 255W.

New PL 6.3 produces same crashes.

Any new idea?

Could you please run something REALLY heavy, for a few minutes, like Prime95 or Aida64?

Just keep an eye on the temperatures while they are running, because they are really extreme tests and if your system has insufficient cooling, they might skyrocket. I suggest keeping the HWMonitor utility open during the test, and with the logging function on: this way you can record voltages, power usage and temperatures and review the log later.

I use these tests to assess the stability of all the PCs I assemble, and overclocks/undervoltages. If all is stable with these torture tests, it’s stable with ANYTHING: real applications are way less intensive.

I would also suggest to set the CPU load line calibration in BIOS to “Auto”, if the option is available.

And finally, I would use Memtest to check if your RAM is behaving correctly or throwing random errors: once when I had a PC that crashed unexplicably, it was a faulty RAM module.

Prime95 I already run and repeated today – no problem or crash. I could hear some cooler fans accelerated but this is like it should.

Memtest I run before as well with no issues reported.

And I do absolutely agree that after Prime95 and FurMark tests all applications should run without problems – but PL do not. Therefore I believe it is an PL related issue (and opened this discussion in this forum).

So I’m get no further …

Why I can not attached files in this forum? I would like to upload the DXO.Photlab.txt file …

Last entry before my last crash happend is “DxOCorrectionEngine - Error | DxO::`anonymous-namespace’::Flatten - inconsistent sizes”.
Can this cause a crash?

@SFR Hello, Could you, please raise a ticket with DxO support via this contact form page:
You’ll be personally assisted there.