Compatibilty between the DXO Software


I’ve found the link but I haven’t found a information which Photolab Version is compatible or can interact with which versions of Viewpoint, Filmpack, Nic Collection.
I’m not sure if it is possible, for example to use PL6 with Nik4 or older Filmpack

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Good question Guenter

I am not aware of any backward compatibility problem between PhotoLab 6 and older DxO plugins.


I am using PL6 with ViewPoint 3 quite happily. I don’t have any of the other plugins.

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So do I.
No problems at all.

I just did this with the notes releases of each version.


Hi Franky,

thanks a lot…would be a good gift for DXO :grin:


there are two pages in our FAQs concerning compatibility:

DxO PhotoLab, DxO ViewPoint, DxO FilmPack and DxO PureRAW

For each version of Nik Collection by DxO you can find all supported host software here

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Hi Barbara,

thart’s correct and the first one of your links is the same I posted in the beginning of the thread :grinning:.
But the description for example by the last tabel " DxO FilmPack & DxO ViewPoint compatibility with PhotoLab and third-party software" is wrong, because inside the table there is nothing with DXO PL.

In your second link i find “Nik Collection compatibility with DxO PhotoLab” and that’s obe of my questions

The information by Franky gave me the answer with one look

Enjoy coming weekend


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I remember that DxO used to show a table with the correct information. Something broke.

Something ??? :rofl: :joy: :innocent: