Am I right in thinking that more recent modules are not compatible with my current (and relatively old) DXO Optics Pro10 software? In particular I’m thinking of the Pentax K3iii and the Pentax 16-50 PLM lens, which I’ve just bought.

I am not familiar with this Pentax gear, but unless it was released years ago, your version of OpticsPro will not support them. You would need to upgrade to PhotoLab 6. If you plan to do that, I would use the 30-day free trial it before buying to ensure your gear works with it. You will have to pay the regular price for PhotoLab 6. There is no upgrade pricing from OpticsPro. There is a sale right now of 30% off if you buy two of the programs in the suite, as an example PhotoLab 6 Elite and FilmPack 6 Elite.


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Look here and see what version of the software introduced support for the cameras and lenses you are interested in:

DxO Supported Cameras & Lenses

That won’t tell him if they are supported in OP10. I think that support for that camera support came with PL5

and the lens also in PL5.

Thank you all. I’ve found which version introduced support (though my poor old K20D has slipped off the list; oh well), and I’ll see what happens when I do the 30 day free trial.

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you!