Compatibility with new Fuji 40MP Sensors (X-H2, X-T5)


Does anyone have any experience/opinions about PL7 in connection with a Fuji X-H2 or X-T5? Is the Fuji RAW format (.raf) now fully supported?

I switched from Canon to Fuji at PL1 at the time and have not been using DXO since then. Currently i’m using CaptureOne and think about switching back to DXO.


You can check it here

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Fuji raw files are not fully supported because DxO does not read and let a user apply optics correction data available in those raw files ( in that sense DxO does not fully support any raw files from other manufacturers as well )…

using DxO’s own optics correction require you to manually select focusing distance in DxO PL unless a particular lens has just one set of corrections for whole range from MFD to infinity ( for example XF27/2.8 ) …

lenses like XF35/2 have a lof of different corrections for various focal distances…

see what you face for a lens like XF 18-55/2.8-4.0 … imagine when your target was close … are you able to decide which optics correction is the actually the one 0.55m to 0.7m ? or 0.7m to 0.7m ? or 0.7m to 0.9m ? etc… bring a ruler with you to a shot ( record the distance or have visible in the frame )… or flip a coin …



Guys, thank you very much for your feedback!

It really looks like I could go back to DxO.
I will test my lenses (esp. for Focussing Distance, thank you very much for this hint!) and hope for a good upgrade offer.

The shared link to Support arrives for Fujifilm X-Trans sensors - DxO was very interesting!

Find some more out with a trial version !

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