Compatibility of Nik Collection 3 with Windows 11

I am considering upgrading to a new PC with Windows 11 (my old machine is on Windows 10). Can you advise if Nik Collection 3 can be installed with Windows 11. Are there significant problems in attempting this and if so what are the work arounds.

I don’t use NIK within PhotoLab, I call the plugins from Affinity Photo 2 but I have Win 11 Pro and NIK Collection 1 installed without error and the filters work without error. Well, except for the known bugs in NIK 1, the most obvious being that Viveza doesn’t work as a plugin, only as a standalone.

Given that I see no reason why NIK 3 on Win 11 should be a problem.

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System requirements and such can be found here:

Checking out can provide a hint or two :wink: