Compare without Lens Distortion Correction

Please add a Compare option Without Geometry and Lens Distortion Correction.

This would allow you to concentrate on tonal adjustments without the distraction of having the image change geometry between before and after views.

Hello @KeithRJ,

Everything is ok in your request, but why you did not vote for it? (top right corner). Votes shows how important the feature is for the users.

Svetlana G.

Keith, it’d be just one Klick to switch off Distortion which might be ON by default, Switch it back ON after tonal adjustments are finished and do perspective and horizon stuff just then. Lately it is a matter of workflow.

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Fotoguido, that may work but then you would have to remember to re-enable the option again and then the next photo you would have to do it all over again! Too many clicks and open to forgetting to re-enable lens correction.

A simple option as suggested would be enabled until changed. I ALWAYS do lens correction so why turn it off when it is not necessary.

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I’m out of votes for now. This would be one of the features I’d like to see as well.

Wouldn’t that be the opposite ?
Add the Lens Distortion Correction in the second menu.


That’s probably right. Compare “With geometry and lens correction” enabled is what we want. Just another hint at how confusing this function is.