Compare WITH and WITHOUT Geometry both still show geometry corrections

The compare button has a number of options with two being with or without geometry. Selecting either of these options always shows geometry corrections (so no difference between them).

PhotoLab 2.3.1 build 24039
Windows 10 Home 32Gb RAM

Those two options work properly on my Windows 10 machine.


Hello @KeithRJ,

I do not see any issue as there is a difference between the two options like this:

Could you, please, double check if your image has geometry corrections or maybe they are so slight that you do not see the difference?

  • If you still have the issue, please, provide me with your image+sidecar for the investigation.

Svetlana G.

I was also confused by this: lens distortion and crop are not considered geometry. Only horizon corrections make a difference. I guess if I had viewpoint then these corrections would be affected as well.

Cropping is very definitely considered geometry. If I crop an image and compare it to the original without geometry ,it compares the cropped version with the uncropped version. If I compare with geometry, It compares my edited crop version with an unedited crop version.


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Hi Mark, you are right. Not sure what I tested earlier today but indeed cropping is removed when I compare “without geometry”.

I’m glad that’s resolved.


Indeed, it is true that lens distortion is not considered geometry. It would help to focus on the image tonescale.


Hi all,

thanks for all the comments. After playing more I realised I was thinking that Lens Correction was included as part of geometry (it makes sense that it should and specially distortion. When using the Split View compare (not the side-by-side compare) then I do not like to see the image ‘geometry’ change because there is lens corrections made.

Here is another interesting anomaly: on Windows the Split View is only available in the full screen view but if you enable the local adjustments feature then the Split View is available! There is one issue though: the nib size etc enabled with local adjustments is available in the before section of the Split View and comes and goes as you move the slider!

Finale note: please make the Split View available in the Customise module and have an option Without Geometry and Lens Distortion Correction).

Hope the developers see this post.

Below is a screenshot showing what I am describing.

  • Exactly!
  • You know you can create a request explaining the profit, others can vote for it and it can be taken into consideration :wink:

Svetlana G.

Good morning!

  • Yep, it’s a known behavior and side by side mode will be replaced by a split view as soon as we move to a new viewer (a bit later).
  • As I have already wrote above, it’s up to you to create a request and other users can vote for it.

Svetlana G.