Compare two pictures in the picture browser

Hello every one,
though not totally new to Photolab, I’m beginning to dive seriously in its use.

I have updated from Photolab5 to 7 last november (and Filmpack 3 or 4, I don’t rember, to 7) and View point4 (Elite version). I m’ running Photolab with windows 11.

Is it possible to compare not only before/after changes, but between 2 images in the picture browser (say you took a burst and want to choose the best of the burst for example) ? I’d like to be able to have them side to side to decide which one I prefer with larger images.

Thanks a lot for your answers :slight_smile:

No it is not possible.
There are a few threads about this.
I think the first request was made in 1949.


Thanks for you answer, that a shame :frowning:

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As late as that? I thought this request was first made in the Stone Age :crazy_face: