Compare Sharpness

I’m seeing a problem when comparing master to virtual copies, sharpness is only applied to the copy (at 75%+ zoom). So its not possible to compare sharpness currently. seems like a bug, at least for ORF files.

I’m seeing no problem with ORF files in PL6. However, it seems PL7 can’t switch among virtual copies, let alone compare them - the preview rendering never finishes. (the wheel in the lower right corner just keeps spinning). It’s a bug.

PS - I can’t even reopen PL7.5 after force-closing it. I’m going to check for nVidia driver updates and maybe reboot.

Updating the nVidia driver solved the problem for me. Both PL6 and PL7 are working fine now in my test.

Thanks very much Greg… i actually found after posting this that the problem seems to have resolved itself, at least i cant reproduce it now. But good to know it could be the driver if/when it reappears.