Compare before and after noise reduction

I just found out that you can compare before and after noise reduction has been applied, in the loupe on the palette.

All you do is click and release on the preview in the loupe


Dear Joanna,

doesn’t work within my DPL on Windows. I’ve clicke at several places in my loupe…nothing. And it’s called DeepPrime on my system whereas yours called Prime+DeepPrime

greetings from germany


Hmmm, maybe it’s Mac only?

That’s because I am still using the beta :wink:

It always worked like this on my Mac, also before PL4.

Edit: According to documentation, only on the Mac:

  1. On a Mac, clicking on the loupe and holding it allows you to view the image portion without noise reduction.

Dear @Joanna dear @Calle

thanks for enlightenment :sunny:

Correct. Only on MAC. I’m on windows first release of PL4 and have to click the buttons HQ > Prime > DeepPRIME.

Not a big deal. Does work very well especially on high ISO stuff. My brother just got married

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We tend to forget and re-discover things sometimes like I just did :sweat_smile:

Bravo ! And he will enjoy great noiseless pictures too :raised_hands:t3: