Command line question

My command line is different than shown in the users guide. The icons to choose zoom to 1:1, Zoom to fit, and the zoom level are not shown. Instead, they are accessed via as a dropdown using the arrow at the far right of the command line.

I’d prefer to see these directly accessible as show in the users manual. I do not use the keystoning tools, so would gladly remove these tools from the command line.

Is there a way to do this?

There is no option to move or delete any of the icons although this has been requested by a number of us. Here is the one for the Windows version of PhotoLab 6 Elite on a 28 inch 4K monitor. I am guessing you are using a small laptop or scaled PhotoLab to be bigger so you could read it better. There is no room for the zoom level control where it would normally be located and I guess the interface code automatically moved it to the location where you are seeing it.



That’s it - Thank you!!!

We are travelling and living out of an RV. So sadly I don’t have room for a larger monitor and am working from an under powered laptop most of the time. I am still researching my options for a better laptop - one with a decent screen as well as processors that comes close to my budget.

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If you can’t get what you want, your budget is too low :rofl:

Seriously, getting a powerful enough laptop with a decent screen (one that can deliver calibrated sRGB at least) will probably be more expensive than you like. Search the forum to see what people got for PhotoLab, it might be worthwhile.

Not so much “budget” per se, but trying to determine which features I need to focus most since momey spent on the PC is money I can’t spend on camera lenses or travel. :).
For example… I just learned more about the screen size issue.
My current laptop is 15" with a 2560x1440. To read text I had the settings at 200% (so 1280x720 effective). Whereas I am used to a 32" 4K screen at home. I haven’t sorted out if a 16 or 17" screen with the 3840x2400 resolution is adequate.

For processor, I believe the i7-12700 and a RTX 3060 graphics will work.
The Asus proart Studiobook offered by B&H for US$2100 seems like a good fit. The prices seem to jump up dramatically when I look for a better screen or faster processor.

I am stalled trying to if that is “good enough” or if I need to go higher.


Can you see the complete toolbar if you set your screen too e.g. 150% instead of 200%? What if you get a bigger screen and have to use a zoom level that brings back the same issue? Have you checked system requirements?

I see the PL zoom level icons at 175% screen scale (~1460 x 833) and lower, but not at 200%. I can read text adequately at the 175% scale, and perhaps the 150% scale (old eyes). The PL command line shows the zoom levels, and I realize how much more screen real estate is available for photos at the lower settings.

Honestly, I never thought to check the screen scale setting until @mwsilvers suggested it. The laptop defaulted at 200% and I never considered differently. This helps a lot! Thank you Mark!

I’m glad my comment helped you.