Command-line conversion/filtering of images?

Is there any way to convert images in an automated way? e.g. via the command-line or AppleScript? Ideally I would like to be able to do something like:

$ dxofp -format “Fuji Provia 400X” myimage.raw myimage.jpg

and have DxO FilmPack generate myimage.jpg from myimage.raw, using the “Fuji Provia 400X” filter. Is this possible? The closest I can get at the moment is using the batch processing option, but this still requires a bunch of clicking.

The dfpv5 executable seems to be involved somehow, but I can’t figure out what switches I need to provide to invoke it.

You probably are already familiar with presets but just in case, it’s possible to create a particular preset with every change you want, including the automatic ones. At that point, you could just group all the files you want batch processed into a single folder via command line and then point PhotoLab at that folder, select all, apply the selected preset and then export. Exports by default can go to a named subfolder of your choice (allowing you to move them automatically with a macro/command line afterwards). It’s not quite the same thing as command line but everything except the actual export can be automated.

If there is a command line way to use PhotoLab I’d like to know about it too.