Coming to the end of my Trial

I am now on the last day of my trial of DXO PL3, and even thought I am not primarily a great user of my camera (I have several other hobbies that take preference over taking pictures), I am minded to go ahead and buy.

Just to be sure that I have not “missed a trick”, and I correct in believing that there is no editing feature like a lasso that enables me to select an object (e.g. a person) and either move it elsewhere in the picture, or copy/paste to another file (e.g. to create a montage) or for an example where in a burst mode shot of a group of people, that I can copy the head/eyes from one where they have eyes open, to a better shot in the group, but this one person’s eyes are shut?.

Also, there is a great tool to re-align the Horizon, but is there a way to realign a wonky Vertical?

Welcome Edmund

1- That is the job of a pixel editor like Affinity photo

2- Withe the same tool
Draw a vertical line … and PhotoLab understand your need.


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Thank you

1 - yes I thought so.

2 - Oh silly me yes it is now obvious!!!

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Well I bought the entire Elite Photo bundle today (PL3, ViewPoint and FilmPack), so I am definitely in!


Wow! Welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy the software as much as I do. I’ve been using the PhotoLab Elite suite for over two years. If you have any questions or problems someone here will be able to help you.


Welcome Edmund (bis repetita)

Hello Edmund - welcome on board. You will see we are a nice crowd.

Thank you all for your kind and welcoming words… I also have Photoshop Elements 2020 and am going to look at Qimage Ultimate / One for printing to my Canon Pixma 100 Pro; probably will be Qimage One as I don’t think I need any of the non-printing abilities of Ultimate, plus possibly Fast RAW Viewer for quick initial culling.

Enjoy your learning experience with everything. I have essentially the same package that you have except for Elements and the programs have served me well.

Yes, using FRV (or something similar) is a good approach - - as PL is not well suited to this purpose.

John M

Welcome aboard @EtheAv8r! :slight_smile:

Edmund welcome a board.
The dxopl suite elite is a good choise it wil not disapoint you.
(of coarse things can be better or are better in other apps,it will always be that way, but the drive to improve is lively here.)

Take your time to get used to the program and don’t hestitate to ask your questions.
Every question can be a start to a new knowledge level of many.

@Pieloe’s own written manual is a great start to get going fast.
And we find out new things to do with dxopl every time. (atleast i do)

Have fun.


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