Color shift in DXO images

I’m finding a noticeable color shift when pulling DXO tiffs back into Lightroom. When viewing the image using before/after within DXO it doesn’t show a color shift. But when the image is compared the the original in Lightroom, there’s a definite change. Specifically, the photos are of my sister in law who had dyed her hair an electric Violet-Magenta. When the images are exported to Lightroom the color looks more washed out, the violet undertone is largely gone, and the magenta looks faded. I have my Adobe CC Suite color managed, display calibrated with X-Rite Pro, images are in ProPhoto. I’ve played with the Color Rendering settings in DXO and the vast majority make the images look far worse. Exporting as dng not an option as I’m largely using this for foundational edits including exposure, dng exports are sub-par with the majority of edits I’m using.

Taking the same image, pulling into DXO and exporting as back into Lightroom with absolutely no corrections applied creates the same color shift. So I know this isn’t something I’m doing wrong in the corrections panels, this is how DXO is translating the color. This is occuring in tiff exports. Unedited dng is not creating a color shift.

Anyone experienced this and know of a solution?

I get the shifts only when I export DNGs from PL to Lightroom, and then mostly in the reds, which I cannot correct in LR afterwards. With 16 bit TIFFs, everything works fine (except for the size of 16bit tiff files)

Good practice is to NOT change colour space unless it is really needed and according to my experience, it’s also a good idea to not pingpong files around between LR and PL. I found that the most reliable way is to start with raws in PL and just do the lens and perspective corrections and then hand the results as DNGs to Lightroom for lighting, colour, export etc. I use and need the DAM functionalities of LR, so LR is my hub and PL is one of the spokes…

I’m exporting at 16 bit tiffs, original color space. Even with no edits and exporting as tiff the color still shifts. I mentioned the color spaces because I wanted it to be understood I have ruled that out as a culprit and changing color space does not resolve the effect.

I have absolutely no desire to pay 200 bucks for a program only to use it strictly for lens corrections I only apply a small percentage of the time. That seems like a horrendous waste and I don’t have the kind of money to throw around on something I might use on a rare occasion. I’m not shooting parallel lines. To be clear- I am not doing color work at all in DXO. Color is not being touched. Photoshop is where I do most of my color work at the end stage of editing.

To be sure that’s well and good you use this as a spoke of your LR hub but there should be no reason for me to change the entire arch of my editing process bc it’s suggested. I personally do not use the large majority of Lightrooms functions because I don’t like the results and lack of fine control. I’m sure DXO would prefer to retain it’s customers with a reliable piece of software that could be used as advertised for beginning stages of the editing process.