Color Selectivity for Control Points in Silver Efex and Viveza

Please add “Color Selectivity for Control Points in Silver Efex and Nik Viveza. Adjust the selectivity to apply the effectsto similar color hues and luminosities.” to Color Efex Pro too!

Hi Manfred,

Updates to SEP & Viveza were included in the recent Nikv4 release - - but not for CEP.

I’d expect a similar update to CEP to be included in a future Nik upgrade, and I’m sure this added refinement to Control Points will then be included … and, hopefully, for a future PhotoLab version too.

John M

If they convert all of the plugins to binary format like they did with SEP and Viveza, it won’t work with anything but photoshop. Not looking forward to the direction DxO is moving with Nik.

Edit: I should say it will work with Affinity and Photoshop

Your issue, if I recall, is using it with Corel products. As you found out, unfortunately DXO doesn’t support the use of Nik with Corel and never did. The fact that you were able to make the old version work was just a happy accident and didn’t guaranty that future versions of Nik would also be compatible. I understand how frustrating it must be for you, but I suspect all the Nik modules will eventually be similarly updated. Your only recourse would seem to be reverting back to using Nik 3…


Works with Affinity Photo


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@mwsilvers , the original Nik collection (which I purchased a dozen or so years ago for something like $300) was designed to work with any raster editor, by using an industry standard 8bf file format. They did indeed support using Nik in Corel products, and their site had explicit instructions on which folder to install them in for CorelDRAW. So it really wasn’t a happy accident that it worked, it was by design of the original plugins. The collection worked this way through Google’s ownership, up until this V4 by DxO, of which 2 of the plugins won’t work on the Windows version. The others are still standard 8bf files, so far.

I have contacted Corel, and found on another forum that there are many users of CorelDRAW+Nik, and even more that use Corel PaintShop Pro +Nik. Unlike me, they have been warned and won’t be upgrading, but we are all pushing Corel to get with DxO to resolve this incompatibility. So far, I know that Corel is at least looking into it.

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Hi John,

yes, that was the reason for my request - because the function was added in Viveza and SEP, but not in CEP.
Let’s hope that this will be realized very soon! :+1: