Color scheme that makes reading easier, either light mode or greater contrast between text and background

Trying PL6 on a Mac, after using it on Windows for ages, I am struck by how the text is close to being illegible. Could some method not be provided, if not for a light mode (preferably with black text on white) at least some method of increasing the contrast to make the text more legible. To illustrate what I mean, I enclose a screenshot of the area that I consider close to illegible. The colour of the sliders (the white buttons) show the contrast that could be achieved, and that the problem is grey text on black and not just my monitor.

If there is some way to improve this already, I have not found it.

I have to agree with you. If you have a black background, then all text should be white and only light grey when it is un-selectable. I’m not sure but I believe this has been proposed before, but you still have my vote.


for all don’t know that a lot of themes are still adressed by older FR’s with a lot of votes you can take also this one to vote Better User Interface and bring it up.


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Thanks. Done. I did search the forum, but failed to find that thread. I see others have had exactly the same problem as I have.

Hi Roger,

no problem. The best way is to go to the FR section and sort for votes Feature requests - DxO Forums

And the you see a lot of old FR’s with a lot of votes, but the solution built in DXO is still missing…so please don’t be too hopeful :innocent:

Changing color scheme interface should be a user choice. In preference panel.
Not a DxO predefined choice.

It is an important parameter, because of two things :

  • legibility
  • perception of image colors modified by surrounding colors (more precisely values since it is and has to be gray).

Does it look better in pl7?

That would be an added reason to upgrade, though I have not read any mention of this, so I am not optimistic.

Can the trial version of PL7 be installed without disrupting the existing install of PL6, in case the upgrade is not worth the cost.

Yes all major versions are independent.
However, make a copy of the PL6 database in case there is a problem.

Yes, that’s how I know of it.

Just a remark – in the (rare) case that the new version might have ‘stolen’ your PL6 database, check it out as the very first thing and change the path for the new version … then no further problem. :slight_smile:

From v7 all major versions (older than v7, v7, v8, etc …) will be independent and it will be possible to keep all of them installed and ready to run.
Minors version (v7.xx, v8.xx, etc …) will overwrite version of the same major type. (v7.10 will overwrite v7.00)

I have installed, on the same machine, PL1, PL2, PL3, PL4, PL5, PL6 and PL7. All working fine.

You don’t use database. Doesn’t this help for v1 to 6 ?
I’m sure i’ve heard (probably in the v7 streaming presentation yesterday) this is new since v7 (multiple installations).

Maybe what’s new is transparent and easy multiple installations.