Color profiles after udate to 6.1.0


I’ve noticed after updating PL from 6.0 to 6.1 that dng raw files from my Ricoh GR2 look exactly the same like the jpg files (like the color profile from jpgs was also applied to raw files).
However when I export those raw files to jpg these colors are gone. I do not see any option how to ‘restore’ these raw files to be truly raw.
The problem is that what I see in PL6 before export is completly different what is given after that.

Before this last update everything was fine. I did not chane any option (at least not intentionally).

Please see THIS THREAD.

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Hi Mark, yes it seems that I am affected with the same problem that you’ve already described.
From the other hand I would give a kidney :wink: if I could have embedded positive film profile from ricoh jpgs into raw files.

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When will DXO start take DNG seriously?

I hate TIFF but it looks like I´ll still have to use that hopelessly inefficient file format if I need to exchange semi developed files between Photolab and Capture One.

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I don’t know @Stenis but at least they are making some progress. PL3 wouldn’t even open it’s own DNGs exported by PL3. :rofl:

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We need general DNG to be opend like jprg, if there are corrections great if not at lest we can do our best in PL

Can you see if the last version we got some days ago has fixed that problem?

It has @Stenis version 6.1.1 fixed it. :grinning:

Great! :slight_smile: Early Christmas present!

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Yes Sten, the bug is fixed now.