Color options for split-toning (color picker?)

I am trying to use the split-toning feature in FilmPack.
How do I get a range of colors to pick from? (A color picker?)

Are six tones the only one’s available?

Hi, Donna. There is no color picker for this. The six tones you can choose for high tones and low tones are the only tones available. You can select these tones and adjust the intensity for each and the split point that separates them within the tonal range.

Thank you. This is very disappointing. I main reason I downloaded FilmPack was to have the split-toning feature. I expected a full range of colors to choose from.

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yes, something more recent that can be found in many other software like those 2 snapshot

Screen%20Shot1 Screen%20Shot2


Here’s the first image I processed with DxO split tone tool. I used Selenium on the lighter tones, and Sepia Gold on the darker tones. (Camera was the little Sony rx100 VA).


I agree. I like DXO Split toning (i heavily use it), but it seriously lacks more tones to cover other ranges of colours.

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