Color management questions + add. features request


I have a few questions about color management and DxO Photo Lab 3:

  1. Which color space does PL use internally? I read that despiste being able to export to ProPhoto RGB, PL was ‘only’ using Adobe RGB internally: is that correct?
  2. When exporting to a ‘smaller color space’ like sRGB, how is the gamut conversion handled? Would it be possible to have some control on this conversion?
  3. Would it be possible to have gamut clipping warnings? For example, the user could be able to choose a color space (let’s say sRGB) and have the areas outside of this gamut displayed, the same way we have shwadows and highlights clli^ping warnings.
  4. My understanding is that when using color renderings like ‘negative film’, ‘negative film’, etc. (built-in PL or from DxO Film Pack) PL first applies the software built-in camera body color profile, then only the selected color rendering color profile: is that correct? If yes, that’s very cool, because it would mean consistent rendering between multiple camera bodies. However, my concern is that I can’t take advantage of that if I use my own color rendering (in the form of a LUT embedded in a DCP profile for example). Nor I can retrieve the camera profile from DxO to ‘mix’ it with my LUT. Is there any workaround?
  5. That’s not purely color management, but I would appreciate if the colorwheel not only allows for hue range selection, but also saturation and lightness ranges.

Many thanks in advance to DxO staff for their feedback and great software.