Color Efex Pro crash

Good morning , Efex pro 5 crashing when I want to adjust the grain
I use Mac book pro M1 max

Welcome to the forum, @h.jasper .

We might need additional information in order to try to see what happens on your Mac.

  • version of macOS?
  • what were your steps before CEP crashed?
  • image shot with what camera?
  • file type (RAW, jpeg, dng…)?
  • does the crash occur every time or with certain files?

You could also provide a sample image by attaching it to a your message or via a link to a sharing service like dropbox, google etc.

Hi, I have the same problem: whenever I hover over the pulldown menu in the grain section, Color Efex Pro 5 immediately closes down. I am on Windows 10 with uptodate Photoshop version installed.
I see this is an already two weeks old thread: any solution yet ?

@h.jasper and @kdw/Karin …

This is a user forum - Have you reported your issue via ?

John M