Color Efex Pro 5 crashing on Mac, not on Windows

M1 MacBook Pro running Monterrey 12.4. When launched from PhotoLab 5, Color Efex Pro 5 crashes after a few clicks on a filter. Every time. A dialog box pops up with the crash report and asks if I want to send it to Apple, which I do (all 12 times). However, Color Efex Pro 5 does NOT crash when launched from Lightroom - I can make and apply adjustments, but the opacity slider on each filter in does not work - it’s either all (100%) or nothing (anything other than 100%).

I haven’t seen any other mention this issue - is it just on me? The other Nik plugins appear to be working properly.

BTW, I also use Nik plugins on a Windows 11 computer, and Color Efex Pro 5 does not crash when launched from PhotoLab, and the opacity slider on the filters works properly.

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No it’s not just you. SFX and CFX crash randomly on my M1 Mac no matter where I launch them from. They are unusable.

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Same here. I’m on the M1 Max MacBook in Monterey and PS2022. ColorEfex often crashes but not all the time if I limit the number of filters I use. It is better since I installed 5.1. Analog crashes. I have not tried any of the others. I use Nik as a plug-in, not stand alone.Tech support is hardly supportive. No phone number. Last helper who responded was not even on a Mac.She sent me some gobbly gook that felt like it was written by an engineer in Japan.

Same issue here. NIK 5 crashes often in
PS22. Didn’t have this issue with nik 4. Think it must be a software bug in
NIk 5.

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It crashes for me constantly in Lightroom, Photoshop and the Stand Alone App.

Same here, crashing on my Mac Studio. Also, even while it’s working, the image view window jitters when I move a slider or tap the compare button.

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Nik 4 was far more stable / usable. I can’t even get back into smart filters in PS 2022 to revise Nik 5 edits in Color Efex. It just shows a progress bar at 50% and hangs. Very unprofessional considering the cost of upgrading the product. Sure things have bugs, no software is perfect. But this is not usable.

Well this doesn’t bode well…

Long-time user of the free Google version but I’ve just upgraded to Monterey and the old Nik Color Efex isn’t compatible. Downloaded the trial version of the Nik Collection and, as others have said here, it’s unusable. Plug-in crashes both in PS and LR. Even the stand-alone isn’t stable, usually lasting just a couple of edits before giving up the ghost.

Unbelievable the number of online posts (here and elsewhere) highlighting the issue and the complete lack of any workable solution from DXO.

Going to really miss Color Efex from my workflow - if reverting back to Catalina was an option (just to get a working Color Efex back) I’d do it, but the current versions of PS and LR are not compatible with Catalina…

Did anyone here manage any sort of workaround?

Hello @psybear
Did you try with a clean installation? You might want to try using Nik Clean up Tool
If you then still encounter crashes, plesae open a support ticket at for further investigation as causes can be very individual

Thanks for the response.

I just used the clean-up tool as suggested, reinstalled, opened the plug-in in LR, and it crashed even as I was just setting up my favourites (so before even any processing was actually attempted).

I can’t open a support ticket as it asks for my license code - I’m using the free 30 day trial version. I’m certainly not going to pay for the full version just to access ticket support as nothing I’ve found online suggests that a fix is available for this inherent instability in the software.