Color Efex Pro 4 filter explanations

I recently purchased the Nik 4 collection and have been watching various tutorials and webinars. On one of the Nik Collection videos on Color Efex Pro, “Using the Filter Library & Customizing Settings for a Better Workflow in Color Efex Pro” dated March 18, 2021 a link was supplied that explained in detail what each of the 55 filters does. The link that was provided, ,no longer exists. Is there another link that describes what each individual Color Efex Pro filter does?

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The filters are only a collection of adjustments made with the available tools.

All you really need to do is to select a filter in the left sidebar and see which tools have been used in the right sidebar.

Hi Joanna,

Thanks for responding. I realize that I can pick a filter from the left side of the Color Efex Pro 4 and see what impact it has on a photo I am editing. However, with 55 available filters, it would be nice if there was still some documentation that would give an explanation of each filter. Apparently DXO/Nik Collections used to have documentation on this, but have since removed it in the last year.

Here’s a link to a video that might help. There are also numerous others on this site.

She asked for a link or some documentation. This doesn’t answer her request at all.


also see →

Hi @bphillips and welcome to them forum.

Here is an explanation of some, perhaps most of the filters, but not all of them. I downloaded this from somewhere(I don’t remember where) in August of 2020. There have been some updates since then and the descriptions may no longer be accurate. But for what it’s worth, here it is:

ColorEfexPro_Filters(byPurpose).pdf (71.5 KB)

Dear Beth,

take a look at Color Efex Pro 3.0 User Guide ( beginning at chapter 9…maybe that helps a liitle bit

best regards

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@bphillips Beth, the ebook Mastering Nik Color Efex Pro 4: How to transform your colour photography by Robin Whalley (May 9, 2021) is a resource that helped me a lot. He covers using each individual Filters and gives examples of their use. It is $5.99 USD at Amazon. Hope this info helps.



Thanks Louie! This is the video that had the link to a detailed description of what each of the 55 filters did. Unfortunately, ,DXO/Nik Collections has removed all the information in the link

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Thank you!

Thanks! I think this will help!

Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. Not sure why DXO no longer has this info

Thanks! This ebook looks like it contains a lot of good info!

:grin: Thanks for the plug, Mark !!

That’s my “CEP Cheat Sheet”; as uploaded to this forum … Delighted you value it.

John M

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Thanks John. I figured that it probably came from this forum, but couldn’t remember who posted it. Glad you piped up!

Do you know if there have been any changes to the actual filters themselves since you compiled that list?

Thank you John-M!

Not that I’m aware, Mark - - I think DxO’s enhancements have all been on the UI side. Probably a “good thing” (that no more filters have been included, again, that I’m aware of) as it’s already a bit overwhelming.

@bphillips / Beth: Also some good Youtube resources here.

John M

Thanks for the info John.

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Perfect. That is very helpful.

I do have a PDF file of the information that was once on the DxO website about the filters. (But no idea how to share it.)That section of information was never included in the user manual ( I complained repeatedly but it was never added though it was there on the website with the rest of the manual files). And now that information is gone–along with all the useful PL3 and PL4 and NIk3 webinars–well, let’s just say the DxO website is not as useful as it once was and was the cause of my decision not to upgrade to PL5 and NIK 4. Real shame that DxO chose to delete all that useful information. Really a poor way to treat customers.

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